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Neon SPF 50

Neon SPF 50

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Sol Brush’s non-nano, mineral-based, water-resistant, broad-spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen protects from 97% of UV radiation in the largest brush on the market, allowing you to quickly apply and reapply sunscreen on the go for complete, full-body protection.

The Bottom Line with Sunscreens: to avoid sunburns, you need to reapply sunscreen quite often. Reapplying lotion-based sunscreen every hour or so can be a real pain, especially if you are trying to convince kids to do it. Sol Brush removes the pain point with reapplication. Its so easy and so convenient that you just might actually do it! Imagine a world free of sunburns. That's our mission!

Sol Brush may be used in many different situations and in many different ways. It may be used as a resetting powder and a supplement to regular sunscreen. Sol Brush’s sunscreen powder also mattifies the skin, controls excess skin oil and shine, and contains anti-inflammatory benefits, making it ideal for post-workout or active beauty product positioning.


Active Ingredients: Zinc Oxide 24.1%, Titanium Dioxide 23.9%

Inactive Ingredients: Silica, Mica, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Ceramide EOP, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, CI 77492, Cl 77491

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